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just another day 1 200x300Our team are back in not so sunny Istanbul as its rainy and cloudy at the moment, we join Google today in celebrating the chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge who is responsible for the miracle that is coffee , warm thoughts of this man even make us forget about Jeff Bezos the richest man on the planet earth saying NO to extortion and blackmail from the American Media Inc, sure gives a good meaning to, never a boring Friday in Istanbul , as for some of us big basketball fans , Lakers to be precise ı am gleefully celebrating Thursday night win , Lakers vs Celtics !!!

Now to a big joke going around the office about the bride who felt betrayed after husband was not forthcoming with his micropenis until they well on their honeymoon, this of course is no laughing matter as it affects lives all over the World but can often be treated with hormone therapy, at Meditravelist we take anything to do with your health very seriously.

We are very saddened by the discovery of Emiliano Sala’s body after the fatal plane crash this past January, our thoughts are with his family and friends in this difficult period.

Got Word from my various friends in and around the United Kingdom with the various news flying back and forth on Brexit, everyone is in anticipation of some light being shed on this matter by non-other than Hugo Rifkind the passionate centrist and times columnist who as you might have it is appearing on question time.

We look forward to catching up again soon to discuss issues around the World affecting us in different ways, some bringing tears to our eyes while others get us celebrating.

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