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Good morning to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, time to catch up again on all the various events all over the world, today we start with Greyson Chance, I don’t know how many of you remember the young man Greyson Chance who did “paparazzi” by Lady Gaga which went viral and shot him to overnight stardom?, this was when Greyson Chance was 12 years old, now a fully-fledged teenager at 21 he has come on the Ellen DeGeneres show to catch up on what been going on in his life.

He told Ellen DeGeneres that at 18 he felt burnt out, he told the host that he was creatively exhausted and beat down so he decided to leave the music industry.

Now eight years later Greyson Chance has come on the Ellen DeGeneres show a fully blown pop singer, he also came on to discuss his new album “Potraits”, they also spoke about how in 2017 Greyson came out to the world as being gay in an Instagram post, he informed Ellen that he had already come out to his family but opened up to a fan on social media.

Jeff Bezos who holds the title of the richest man on earth has finalised his divorce to Mackenzie Bezos. Mackenzie Bezos has walked away with 36 billion from the divorce from Jeff Bezos after many years of marriage, but it’s all been amicable so no clawing at each other, this has officially made Mackenzie Bezos one of the most richest women on planet earth, Jeff Bezos was rumoured to be having an affair with a Lauren Sanchez who is a former TV anchor, the divorce announcement came as a bit of a surprise to many as they had just been seen celebrating 25 years of marriage.

Mackenzie went on social media to express how she is looking forward to moving forward with different things but they remain friends with Jeff who she shares 4 kids with.

Terminator Dark Fate is slated to come cinemas near you as early as this coming October.

Linda Hamilton is returning to the Terminator franchise after thirty years, she was joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger at yesterday’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas to present new footage from their new movie Terminator Dark Fate, this so far has all the markings of a very good story line, fast paced in line with all the Terminators in the past, so we look forward to yet another masterpiece from the Terminator franchise.

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