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A very good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul Turkey, time to catch up on news around the world and today we will kick off with The Mister, the 50 shades of grey author, El James has a new book out and its titled The Mister, it’s been eight years since she published fifty shades of grey and you have many who are big fans of fifty shades of grey asking plenty of questions whether it’s anything like fifty shades of grey, more specifically are they any clamps, chains and the like and lots of sex, well we can confirm that there is a lot of sex in The Mister but unfortunately no to the other, with the amount of sex on it kind of makes up for the lack of the others, the main characters Maxim Trevelyan if not having sex is thinking about sex.

This is a book where even the sight of a baked potato will send a man into reverie “with her brow fixed, she spreads butter on them, she stops to lick some butter off her index finger making a lot of men’s groin tighten.

Fifty shades of grey chalked up 150 million in sales and brought porn into mainstream, accumulating with its millions of female fans on the way.

The battle to halt the devastating blaze at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris evoked memories of the fire that took place at the York minister thirty-five years ago.

With that in mind millions of euros has been pledged towards the restoration of the cathedral which dates back to 850 years. York Minister had a very devastating fire which resulted in 2.25-million-pound damage on the 9th of July because of faulty lighting.

Experts at York said restoring the Notre Dame cathedral was quite achievable.

John David, a master Mason at York said the Notre Dame cathedral can be rebuilt using traditional methods, he also said that he doesn’t think it will take ten years but more like two years and it’s quite achievable.

York minister was rebuilt successfully after the fire so that gives a lot of confidence on the possibility of full restoration to the Notre Dame cathedral.

Now on to boxing we can tell you that there exists a big possibility that Jarrell Miller may be removed from the fight against Anthony Joshua. This comes in light of Jarrell Miller testing positive to the drug for the performance enhancing drug GW1516, just when the world was getting ready for the “Big Baby” taking on Anthony Joshua for the IBF, WBO and WBA straps news broke on Wednesday morning from VADA that there has been an adverse finding Jarrell Miller’s sample collected on March 30, 2019. There is no confirmation that the fight has been scrapped yet but if that was to be the case, people are wondering who will get the call to replace Jarrell Miller in Madison Square Garden on the 1st of June, all we can do is watch the space and watch the story unravel.

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