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A wonderful Monday to all of you out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey, hope we all did some fun stuff over the weekend or just plain rested.

We will start today by talking about Her Royal Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, commonly known as HMRC.

We will inform you that, Connect, HMRC’s sophisticated information system is being used to identify income and gains that have not and are not being declared. This news is based on confirmation by the accountancy, tax and advisory company, Blick Rothenberg, the firms also goes on to claim that the information that the government agency can call upon to check whether as an individual or company is evading tax is growing all the time and becoming more sophisticated.

The director at Rothenberg Blick by the name of Jessica McLellan said about Connect, ‘Connect completely changes the dynamic of how HMRC commits investigative resource to risk and enables thematic and risk-based enquiries across the tax paying population’

She went on to claim that no taxpayer can hide from the hi-tech HMRC system.

She also went on to add “it’s not just about identifying income and gains, the searches are being used to provide key information about wider lifestyle issues, for example the existence of offshore assets, expensive flights to exotic destinations or purchases of high value assets in the UK such as property or classic cars.

Thousands of NatWest, RBS, Lloyds and Halifax customers are locked out of banking mobile app and online accounts as the system has crashed.

NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland online banking services were not working this morning and lloyds and Halifax users have reported problems with accessing mobile banking leading to complaints pouring down social media of people unable to access their accounts. Website down detector revealed reports of the services not being operational, the problems with NatWest and RBS started shortly after seven in the morning and were later resolved before Lloyds and Halifax users reported similar issues at about ten in the morning

The website Down Detector revealed there were 1, 272 reports of problems with Halifax, this was released at the problem peak just before eleven in the morning and 667 reports for lloyds around the same time. Lloyds and Halifax both had a planned maintenance on Internet banking, tablet, and mobile apps from 2300hrs the previous day to 0500hrs today. A spokesperson for lloyds Banking Group had told MailOnline ‘We know some of our customers are having issues with Internet banking, we are sorry for this and are working to have it back to normal soon.”

They later said” we are sorry that some of of our customers had issues with Internet banking this morning and can confirm that services are now back to normal.

Problems for NatWest and RBS users died down after the initial burst of complaints before thousands of users reported problems with lloyds and Halifax.

We have just come out of the Easter holiday and we have another Bank Holiday May coming up. The truth is we are all always in anticipation of Bank Holidays, so in 2019 we eagerly await for the BANK HOLIDAYS to pull up, the next one as I mentioned before is this May approaching, to be specific up next we have two May long weekends, this will fall on May 6, early May Bank Holiday, Monday, and the next one on May 27, again on a Monday, spring bank holiday, so far to date we have had three wonderful bank Holidays, after the May Bank we still have coming up, summer bank holiday in August, Christmas and Boxing day Bank Holiday, for those of you looking to visit us to get some work done, schedule it around the bank holidays as we have spectacular summers in Istanbul, take a look at the website or any of our social media platforms for some amazing deals on offer as we are fast approaching summer

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