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Happy Friday to all of you from us at Meditravelist, we are all aware that the weekend starts at some point on Friday but we are just not aware of the exact time it kicks into full gear weekend, well Radio 1 has announced that it is going to start the weekend on a Friday at 0630am on a Friday by moving all its weekend hosts onto a three days a week that then results in a three-day weekend.

In their defends Radio 1 station controller said “Fridays are different from the rest of the week. You are in a better mood and in most cases you are planning to have fun, let’s be honest but the truth of the matter is that we rarely feel like working on a Friday.

Tom Izzo who serves in the capacity of Michigan state coach was witnessed and twice restrained while tearing into a freshman player. Tom Izzo who is engrafted in the hall of fame had a knocking in with the freshman forward Aaron Henry after a defensive lapse, Coach Izzo can be seen losing it while speaking to Henry, other coaches and guard Cassius Winston quickly stepped in to diffuse the situation but again while the coach Tom Izzo was seating in a circle with his team, he made a lunge toward Aaron Henry, other players stepped in and helped calm him down.

Former England footballer Adam Johnson has been released from jail after being jailed for 6 years in 2016 the crime being guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a minor who was 15 years old at the time, Adam Johnson’s father said it was good to have his son home after being released from prison.

On being asked for comment the Ministry of Justice said it did not comment on prisoners’ releases, as a sex offender Adam Johnson will have to register his address and bank details with the police, informing of any plans to travel abroad.

In conclusion I will tell you that Ander Herrera is set to stay on with Manchester United despite speculation on a looming transfer to Paris Saint Germain, Herrera’s contract with Manchester United is set to expire in the summer but old Trafford are hopeful of convincing him to sign an extension and stay on, Herrera’s contract is one of three due to expire this summer.

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Happy World Water Day!!!

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