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A very good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul Turkey, Good Friday today and it’s a very sunny Bank Holiday all across the UK and it looks to continue with the sunny weather past Good Friday.

The Easter break which starts off on Good Friday and carries on to Monday is a very welcome break for many that don’t have to work which is most people, I am afraid it does not extend to those who are in the service industry as in this time families take advantage of the break, they are often seen shopping or spending time in different eateries across the country, well we hope you are all having a well-deserved break

Police were called after shoppers were trapped in a Tesco car park. The big Tesco superstore in Formby found itself at the centre of attention as the authorities were called as customers found themselves trapped in the Tesco car park for periods exceeding thirty minutes.

Customers were forced into a massive que at the supermarket on Altcar Rd at around one pm, that left many shoppers frustrated and waiting in their cars for long periods of time. A video posted on twitter showed the scale of the traffic jam inside the car park.

Onto Heathrow Airport now where plans to pull off a sizeable havoc by Extinction Rebellion activists were abandoned after the police issued some very sharp warnings about the consequences.

I stead there were about fifteen youth at Heathrow Airport who stood holding banners outside the transport hub on Friday morning reading “are we the last generation?”

Many of the youth at Heathrow Airport were very tearful as they spoke about the message they were trying to send.

A spokesman for the Extinction Rebellion said the group had no further plans to disrupt Heathrow but it was unclear as to why the change in plan.

Nick Ephgrave, assistant commissioner of the metropolitan police, had warned the protesters to expect a robust police response, he also added “we are determined to keep the airport operating”

Robin Ellis Cockcroft, 24, an organiser for the Extinction Rebellion Youth, said the group had succeeded in creating an emotional disruption at the airport.

A journalist murdered in Northern Ireland has been named as the twenty-nine-year-old Lyra McKee and the police have said that they suspect the new IRA of carrying out the attack.

Lyra McKee’s close friend Ann Travers whose sister was shot dead by IRA gunman in 1984, said Ms Lyra McKee was a journalist who liked to help others, to try to give answers to people and empower people. She said she used to call her Sherlock Holmes because once she got hold of something she really didn’t give up.

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