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A very good morning from us here at Meditravelist, Emma Bunton, who would not know who this person is, well for those who are not familiar with Emma Bunton I will tell you that she used to be a member of the girl band that had an almost cult following, good news is at the age of 43 and after a 12 year sabbatical Emma Bunton has a new song!!

I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet but I am looking forward. Now are any of you familiar with Netflix, well BritBox is the new rival to the ever so popular Netflix, now ITV and BBC have teamed up to firm this streaming service called BritBox to rival Netflix, this will be interesting to see if this be a successful venture or a flop, I guess we will keep a very keen eye on this space.

Still keeping the spirit on new releases, one of most known video game makers Nintendo has announced two new games, sword and shield, now I will without shame announce that I am a Nintendo fanatic and Pokeman since coming on the scene has had a lot of people in frenzy including myself, so in retrospect I am looking to test these two new Nintendo Pokeman games for a spin around the old block.

Now back to football again, can’t seem to stay away from this subject, premier league is our starting point today, well we spoke a lot about Liverpool yesterday and Manchester’s battle to the top of the league, well Liverpool has managed to keep the top of the premier league with a nice win against Watford 5 – 0, a lot of good footie has been played without doubt but the premier league crown goes to Liverpool.

One of my close college’s favourite team is Chelsea, there was a time I could not miss a single Chelsea match but I guess I am inclined towards a different team now, Chelsea has however clinched a very well deserved win over Tottenham, hooray to the boys in blue!

Manchester United has followed suit with a 3 -1 win over Crystal Palace,  now Manchester United is under the direction of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and things are definitely moving in the right direction for the team , with two of Manchester United goals coming from Romelu Lukaku who hails from Belgium.

Moving across to Spain, Barcelona is in heavy celebratory mood after their victory over Real Madrid, Barcelona 3 -0 Real Madrid taking them into the Copa Del Rey final for the sixth year in a row, this Barcelona victory was made possible with 2 goals from Luis Suarez and 1 goal from Raphael Varane.

Back to the gamers world , I am by the way including myself in this bracket , Fortnite season 8 we are talking about now, Xbox store just couldn’t help themselves so much so that they went ahead and leaked a few images of the Fortnite Season 8 skins early , I have had a peek at the images myself and I can confirm that there are no drastic new features revealed by the image comparing with season 6 when they introduced pets or such like, so the countdown for the Fortnite Season 8 is on!!

Well that’s enough excitement for one day…

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