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Well the Oscars are done but the excitement is still lingering with us here at Meditravelist, another reason to be excited for me and 2 more from the Istanbul office is we will be heading to Leeds. Now Leeds has always been one of my favorite cities up north in England, as Leeds is the fourth largest city in England you can imagine how big it is , very busy and growing at a very fast rate.

On other news Steve Avery the American Felon has won the right to appeal, for those who are not familiar with Steve Avery he is an American gentleman who is currently serving a life sentence for murder of a young freelance photographer, they are to run some DNA testing on some bones which might see Steve Avery walking free.

Saddleworth Moor in Yorkshire where we are slated to go is battling large moorland fire, Saddleworth Moor is located in West Yorkshire , England has had one of its hottest winter days, the fire in Saddleworth Moor has shocked many are locals but fortunately no reports of any casualties.

With radio 1’s big weekend announced there is frantic effort by many to get tickets for radio 1 big weekend festival which will take place in Middlesbrough, there will be a lot of different acts at the event, to name a few, Khalid, Miley Cyrus, little mix, Mabel….it promises to be an event to remember the radio 1 Big weekend.

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Leicester City welcomes Brendan Rogers as he has just been appointed the team’s new manager. Brendan Rogers has left his former job at the Celtic for this gig and it looks promising to be one interesting chapter starting for the Leicester city team with Brendan Rogers at the helm. Still on that wonderful sport of football, Leeds United has suffered a some five losses in the last ten games , Leeds United had dropped from the top of the championship to being third on the scoreboard even with this in scope , Leeds United is only two points off the current leaders Norwich City, as stated by their boss Marcelo Bielsa there is a lot of energy with the boys .The premier league is the most coveted place in the UK , now Liverpool and Manchester City who are both in the premier league are on the race to clinch that premier league title but a lot of skepticism is being hauled all over the media stating that Liverpool does not have the quality to take the premier league title, that remains to be seen ladies and gentlemen.

Now onto some very disappointing news surrounding this Momo craze, now this Momo thing is one of those internet, well YouTube to be exact where this video is circulating of this lady called Momo challenging watchers to do unthinkable acts which only lead to those who fall victim to this getting hurt, it is my desire to see YouTube remove this video before a lot of harm is done.

Two planes have been shot down in Pakistan forces, this planes are believed to belong to India, it is also reported that Pakistan has also captured a pilot as the situation escalates between the two nuclear powers over Kashmir, India and Pakistan both claim all of Kashmir even though they both only control parts of it, well it’s been fun learning about all the good and bad surrounding us.

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