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You get prices from many places for aesthetic surgery and everywhere you get a price is confusing you. Many main factors affect the price, such as the quality, success rate and reliability of the service you will receive. These are the factors you inquire in any kind of service purchase. But health services show some differences. These differences are a situation that only people working in the health sector can predict. Below, we share some important factors that affect the price in order to raise awareness:

  • Whether your plastic surgeon has an academic title may affect prices. As associate professors and professors are also responsible for the training of surgical specialists, they constantly follow new developments in the field of plastic surgery and transfer them to their students. Academicians are constantly improving themselves in terms of surgical techniques. However, some conscious and sensitive specialists can improve themselves in terms of new techniques by going to international congresses and courses. The way to understand this is to look at your doctor’s CV (especially the latest date of the congresses, courses and publications he attended). Some experts may be more skilled than academicians. You can ask your plastic surgeon to share his photos before and after. However, this method can give you an idea or mislead because it will send you the results of cases without problems. You can ask the healthcare institutions and organizations that you can trust and approved by the Ministry of Health to direct you. As these institutions and organizations are guarantors for you, they will direct you to the best plastic surgeon. The only thing you can trust here is to ask whether these organizations have been certified by the Ministry of Health (The list of Health Tourism Companies certified by Turkish Ministry of Health is here). Be sure to ask them to share their certificate and inquire.
  • How many years your plastic surgeon has been working and the number of cases is one of the important factors that affect his experience and prices. For this, you can get help by consulting certified health organizations and purchasing this service through these health institutions may be more guaranteed for you.
  • The area where your plastic surgeon is successful will also lead to an increase in prices related to that field. You can also learn this impartially from certified health organizations.
  • Whether or not services such as hotels, transfers and interpreters are included in your service is one of the factors affecting the price. These services also vary within themselves. How many stars the hotel has, the service quality of the company that provides the transfer service will also affect the package price.
  • In which hospital plastic surgery service will be applied, it also affects the prices significantly. Ask for information about the hospital where you will be treated and read the related comments. No matter how well your plastic surgeon does, operating room services and subsequent patient care services are also important factors that affect the success of the treatment.
  • The quality of the medical equipment to be used in your surgical intervention is another important factor affecting both the price and the success of the expected aesthetic results. The quality of the medical material to be used especially for the implant (breast, lip, butt) also affects the price significantly. Certified healthcare organizations can assist you more impartially.
  • Whether or not medical supplies and drugs such as corsets you will use after leaving the hospital are included in the price will also affect the price.
  • If it is desired to change the results of the surgery performed by a different doctor before, the price increases. Different techniques are applied to achieve the desired aesthetic results due to adhesions related to your previous surgery. More effort and time are spent on this process. This naturally increases the cost. Here, your choice of doctor is very important. Some doctors are much more successful in reconstruction surgeries. You can get help from certified healthcare organizations to reach these doctors.
  • If you carry the risk of infectious diseases (such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C), it will increase prices 2-3 times. This is the result of increased cost of services such as consultation of infectious diseases specialist, two-fold increase in personnel self-protection and use of special equipment, special disinfection of the operating room and medical equipment after surgery, washing and disinfection of materials used in the patient room, and prolonged hospital stay (since the hotel cannot be accommodated).
  • If the person has any illness or problem that will affect their surgery, another doctor will require consultation. Since this consultation fee will be added, the total price will naturally increase.

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