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It’s that time again to catch up on some news and we will set off today with the results of Northern Ireland 2019 election and then we will mention about famous TV presenter Caroline Flack accusation.


According to the Northern Ireland 2019 election, the distribution of the votes is as follows: DUP 24.1%, Sinn Féin 23.2%, UUP 14.1% SDLP 12% Alliance 11.5% others 15.1%.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) suffered a serious decline in the 2019 Northern Ireland elections, losing two seats.

The results of the 2019 election show that Northern Ireland has elected more Irish nationalists than pro-British unionists to the British parliament for the first time since the division of Ireland in 1921.

Nigel Dodds, who is an Irish Lawyer and DUP deputy leader since 2008, left his seat in Northern Belfast to John Finucane, who is an Irish Lawyer and member of the Sinn Fein party. Emma Little-Pengelly, who is DUP candidate, left her seat in South Belfast to Claire Hanna, who is SDLP candidate.

DUP leader Arlene Foster said she was disappointed that they had lost many defenders, not only for Northern Belfast, but also for Northern Ireland.


Caroline Flack, 40 years old, TV program presenter such as the Love Island and the X-Factor, was accused of attacking and physically injuring a tennis player in her home in Islington, London. The man was not seriously injured, but was still taken to hospital by ambulance. She was arrested on 12 December. It is stated that Flack would appear on bail at Highbury Corner magistrates court on Monday 23 December.


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