COVID-I9 precautions taken for our patients


Corona virus microbe

COVID-19 precautions have become an indispensable part of our daily life, and living with this danger has now become the most important part of our lives. We care about the health of our patients and we take the following measures for you. Our priority is to epidemiologically protect the life and health of our patients against the COVID-19 pandemic. We observe the personal hygiene of the patients at every stage of the treatment, as long as they are under our surveillance.

We observe as following issues:

  • Washing of your hands with soap or the use of alcohol-based sanitizers
  • Your sensitivity to adherence to cough etiquette, avoiding unnecessary face-to-face contact and using a mask that covers the mouth and nose in indoor and crowded environments, during the use of public transport (especially in your leisure time that we cannot control outside of your treatment)
  • Your sensitivity to ensuring a safe distance of 1.5 meters during your treatment, which is seriously important to prevent the virus infection and its further spreading

We do all these because of our care for your health.

We take special care to ensure the constant availability and supply of hand and surface disinfectants, antiviral surface disinfectants and cleaning agents suitable for personal use in our contracted hospitals and accommodation facilities.

We pay special attention to continuous or regular natural ventilation, in order to reduce the concentration of potential pathogens in indoor areas.

We request the following from our contracted hospitals and hotels and follow what we demand:

  • If windows can be opened, try natural ventilation as often as possible at the same time,
  • In environments that are not suitable for fresh air supply, HVAC devices (e.g. split air conditioning units, fan-coil units and mobile air purifiers) should only be allowed to be used with intense air supply from outside according to the possibilities so that they can be healthy because they only circulate indoor air,
  • Split air conditioners should be adjusted in a way that does not cause large air flow in the lower half of the room (we recommend our patients not to change the settings of the device),
  • The heat exchanger and dust filter units of the devices should be disinfected with antiviral agents frequently,
  • Replaceable filters should be replaced more frequently and before the recommended time due to this special situation.

We take care to adjust seating arrangements to comply with social distance rules in order to reduce the risk of contamination in resting and common areas (both indoor and outdoor) of our contracted hospitals and accommodation areas.

We want and follow more cleaning and disinfection of common areas in contracted hospitals and accommodation places. We ensure that antiviral hand disinfectants are adequately filled in common areas and that the necessary follow-ups are made regularly.

We carefully evaluate our patients who plan to receive health services from us. For the time being, we cannot accept the treatments of patients we find risky for COVID-19. Due to the risks of COVID-19, we are working with limited patients and in this respect, we are trying to follow our patients closely. That’s why we work in a boutique style.

In addition, corona phobia and other psychological counselling services are provided by our company’s founder Prof. Celale Tangul OZCAN, PhD, RN, who is also psychotherapist, family counsellor and lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Prof. Ayhan OZCAN, MD
Editor-in-Chief of Meditravelist

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