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A beautiful day for all of us here in Meditravelist Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷. It’s time to catch all the local and international events. We will start with Black Friday and the upcoming Cyber Monday Best Deals. Then we will mention about Tesla Cybertruck’s features and the unfortunate incident during the show.

Black Friday is a day in which retailers have significantly reduced the price of many products the day after Thanksgiving, a tradition that was first introduced in the United States.

In recent years, this tradition has attracted attention of retailers in the UK, and likewise led to a reduction in prices in a wide range of products, including large-budget electric appliances, beauty gifts, laptops, phones, iPads, Apple Watches, TVs, headphones, vacuums, kitchenware and clothes.

Black Friday officially starts on November 29th, but Amazon has begun online today to offer super discounts and deals that will be updated daily and for sale. This will require you to be constantly online at Amazon to get the best deals. Some of Amazon’s best instant deals on Thursday are as follows:

Item Was (£) Now (£) Discount (%)
Philips 50PUS6754/12 (50 inch, 4K UHD Smart TV with Ambilight) 550 399 21
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and four-pack of Tile Stickers (2020) 109.98 54.99 48
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush, 2019 Edition 299 99.99 33
HP Pavilion 14″ laptop, intel Core i7 949 649 32
Dyson V8 vacuum 399 299 25

Cyber Monday 2019 is December 2, the first Monday after Black Friday, just one and a half weeks away. So, what should we pay attention to in these successive discounts and deals? What is the difference of Cyber Monday from Black Friday, where there are already significant discounts and deals? We can explain it this way: Retailers continue to offer discounts and deals on most Black Friday until Cyber Monday, and even lower prices from time to time, making sales even more attractive. This means that it is important to be prepared for online sales activity.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled his long-awaited electric pickup truck, Cybertruck, at the Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, just outside Los Angeles. Cybertruck was very different from the type of van we expected to see.

Musk claimed that the metal used in Cybertruck’s outer SpaceX rockets is made of a newly developed stainless-steel alloy, which makes the vehicle “literally bulletproof” against firearms of 9 millimetres or smaller.

On the stage with Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, Musk forced his colleague to hit the window glass of the truck with his sledgehammer and then toss a metal ball onto the glass. However, the window that was claimed to be unbreakable was broken. This was determined by the day the audience and the presenter were surprised. Nevertheless, Musk asked them to ignore it and continued: “Maybe that was a little too hard.”

Musk went on to explain the car’s striking capabilities: Cybertruck would be more capable of towing and hauling than a Ford F-150 and performing as a better sports car than a Porsche 911. Cybertruck gains new superior features with these wonderful additional storage areas, which can be locked under the hood and in the sides.

Another one of the best features is that drivers can also adjust the ride height of the truck while the truck is on the highway or off-road, using an adaptive air suspension system.

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