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Time has come to catch up on all the happenings, locally and internationally.

We will start with Bella Thorne today the actress who has apparently directed an x rated movie. Bella Thorne, 21, directs PornHub movie inspired by “Romeo and Juliet”, making her the latest Disney star celebrity to make an X-rated movie.

The Florida born, former Disney child star Bella Thorne has partnered with PornHub to direct a film titled “Him & Her”. The film “Him & Her”, was shot as part of PornHub website’s Visionaries Director’s Series.

The film will be released on PornHub after debut screenings at the Oldenburg film Festival in Germany between September 11 and 15. Bella Thorne began her acting career as a child model and actress, rising to prominence after landing a role in Disney Channel series, Shake it up. She went on to star in TV series, Dirty Sexy Money and also a string of films including, Amityville and Midnight Sun.

On the differences between making normal and adult films, Thorne said: “The process of shooting was quite interesting because we had real life f***ing on set, which i have never shit before at all”, she also added that she hoped the public would be open minded about the flick.

ASAP Rocky has been found guilty of assault in Sweden but fortunately won’t be facing prison time. This ruling is a victory of sorts for the rapper. The case of ASAP Rocky had gripped the music world and also the President of the United States, Donald Trump. This all started as a small-time assault case but it gained steam and it swept up Kim Kardashian West, Potus and the United States top hostage negotiator. Yesterday it finally reached its conclusion, when the Stockholm judges found the Rapper ASAP Rocky guilty of assault. The US rapper ASAP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, has been has been found guilty of assault during a Stockholm fight and has been given a two-year suspended sentence. The 30-year-old Mayers has been ordered to pay damages to the victim. He posted on Instagram saying he is disappointed with the verdict and he thanked his fans for their support. The Philadelphia shooting standoff that left 6 officers wounded has ended with the suspect being apprehended and arrested. The suspect in the Philadelphia shooting barricaded himself for hours in a North Philadelphia home in shooting standoff. The shooting started at 04.30 pm Wednesday and was followed by a standoff which lasted nearly eight hours.

Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp twitted early Thursday “Suspect is in custody. SWAT is clearing the house” president Donald Trump was briefed on the shooting, deputy White House press Secretary, Hogan Gildley said.

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