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A warm good morning to all of you from us here at Meditravelist Istanbul,  Avengers Endgame,  now that’s one movie we are all currently excited about as we have a lot of Marvel fanatics in the office with yours truly making that cut with flying colours,  Avengers Endgame released a trailer for the upcoming movie which I vehemently refused to watch as I don’t want any spoilers until the movie comes to our theatres,  you know sometimes these trailers reveal too much so I am not taking a chance with this one, Avengers Endgame promises to be one heck of a showdown with most of my marvel favourite characters or the remaining ones rather together and doing what they do best.

We go straight into Tesla my favourite electric car, specifically we are going to be talking about the Tesla Model Y, this is the long range new compact SUV which has a range of 300 miles on a single charge, impressive stuff right ?, well this will sell for $47 000 while the  $60 000 performance version will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 in a mere 3.5 seconds, the $47 000 long range Model Y will hit the Market in the fall of 2020 so all the Tesla fanatics out there get ready for the release of this wonderful automobile.

Now on to some very dark news coming from new Zealand,  there has been some mass shootings that took place at two mosques that has left the nation very shaken up in New Zealand and had the prime minister calling one of the darkest days in the history of the country,  Moslems have been in new Zealand over a 100 years and nothing like this had ever happened, this atrocious act robbed 13 innocent lives, our hearts are with them as they mourn loved ones.

Now some news coming out of the US , lily Singh is the new host to replace Carson Daly on NBC Late – night , Lily Singh has been up to now on YouTube with over 14 million followers where she showcased some inspirational comedy, wrote and produced , Lily Singh announced this news while a guest on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday,  Miss Singh is of Indian Canadian descent,  she is ecstatic over this new development in her life, good luck at the beginning of your wonderful journey, in leaving you we strongly urge you to visit us at www.meditravelist.com where we have a lot of surprises waiting for you.

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