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Mesotherapy For Hair Growth

Mesotherapy is one of the treatment options for baldness in both sexes and a faster and cost effect treatment compared with its expensive and painful counterparts. It is applied by injecting nutrient boosters, which are proteins, vitamins, other nutrients and growth factors, in the bald area. It reduces hair loss, increases hair growth accelerating the growth of new hair strands, slows down male type hair loss restoring hormonal balance and neutralizes the effects of dihydrotestosterone hormone, in the bald area. It leads to an increase in the cell metabolism and blood circulation, elimination of the infections, promotion of hair growth in the bald area. As a result, dense, voluminous, strong, long and healthy hair is obtained in the bald area with mesotherapy.

The treatment consists of eight sessions, each of them lasting half an hour per week. The results will only be observed after the fifth session. The injected material has no side effects or does not cause any allergic reactions. A healthy diet and regular exercises are also crucial during the therapy sessions for the success of the therapy. Dandruff is also treated with mesotherapy.

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