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FAQs (Patient Guide)

What will happen if a complication arises after I return to my country?

First of all, Meditravelist will try to do everything to avoid unexpected complications regarding your treatment, by selecting well experienced doctors and well known clinics. However, it is not possible to eliminate all risk factors of complications in medicine. The complications do not always arise from the doctor who is involved in your treatment; most of the time, other factors such as the patient’s non-compliance with the advice of the doctor, genetic factors in wound healing, age, and concomitant chronic diseases also play a role.

How is it possible to make such big savings in treatment procedures in Turkey?

The reason is negotiable prices, lower than what you would get if you directly applied to the clinic providing professional and good quality healthcare.

Are there any particular risks of being treated in Turkey?

No risks as long as certain rules are followed. These rules enclose pretreatment and posttreatment recommendations and instructions given by your doctor. The risks will not be higer than when you are treated in your own country. All risks in healthcare may not be possible to eliminate, as in your own home country.

May I go to Turkey with a family member and/or a friend for my medical treatment?

This is especially recommended. We can arrange the necessary accommodation for you and your family members and/or friends. You can visit historical places and go shopping with your family members and/or friends before or after your treatment depending on your treatment procedures and your time. This can be organized by us for you and your family members and/or your friends. If you wish, we can contact our contracted tourism agencies and hotels for you.

How can I communicate with my doctor for my medical treatment?

Most doctors in our contracted hospital are bilingual (Turkish and English). However, if you need to communicate in a language other than English such as French, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian, please inform us and let us contact the contracted hospitals to fulfil your request before coming to Turkey.

How much do the treatments cost?

Prices are very variable depending on your treatment and demands. We offer different prices for the same treatment but with different hospital and healthcare providers according to your budget and demands. Please contact us.

Can I be exempt from the tax?

8% VAT (value added tax) has to be paid for the entire medical and accommodation expenditures, according to the taxing system in Turkey, as in most other countries.

Are your contracted hospitals certified?

Our contracted hospitals are internationally JCI accredited and certified. JCI is definitely the most prestigious international accreditation institution. They are monitored by JCI institution in a certain interval for patient safety and quality improvement in patient care.

Do you guarantee the price before I travel to Turkey for my treatment?

 We will try to find the most appropriate doctor for your treatment and we will forward your requests to your doctor. We will contact you regarding the guaranteed price after receiving confirmation from the doctor and hospital that will provide your treatment.

Which documents should I bring with me?

You should bring all records regarding past medical history, such as previous treatments, operations, medical reports, laboratory findings, X-rays, CT scans, and MRI. They will be required for planning your treatment or comparing your current and previous status.

Is it safe to share my identity and medical information?

We pay extra attention to your privacy in every step of your treatment. We absolutely do not share your records with third parties without your consent.

Is it possible to get treatment in your contracted hospitals without fixing an appointment?

It can be possible. However it is better to set up an appointment beforehand in order to avoid delays due to other appointments already scheduled.

Do I need a visa for my medical treatment in Turkey?

Most of the foreigners do not need to provide a formal visa to visit Turkey. However, you can access the most accurate and uptodate information from the website of The Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs https://www.evisa.gov.tr

How many medications can I bring with me?

You can bring a certain amount of medications with you enough for your treatment. You shouldn’t forget to bring your prescription(s) with you.

Will my accommodation be arranged during my treatment?

We will arrange prestigious and affordable hotels for you, depending on your request or your selected service package.

How long will it take to fix an appointment with the doctor after sending the requested medical records?

Once we receive your medical records and tests, we will have them checked by our qualified medical staff and will contact you again if additional information is needed. After completing the necessary information about your health condition, we will contact the hospital and the physician in charge of your treatment. Afterwards, your treatment plan and arrival time will be adjusted by us within a few days and will be shared with you.

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